Introducing our newest product additon to our center for better Nutrition.  

Nutri -Spec Evaluations Only $25 (Reg. $75) for Month of February 2014 .

We are very excited to offer the Nutri-Spec Testing. Imagine if there was a way to scientifically test your body’s chemistry, determine your metabolic imbalances, and discover exactly which foods and nutritional supplements are right for you. Well, this is it! Through a handful of clinical tests, and a number of chemical tests done on your saliva and urine, in the office, in a few minutes, and for very little cost, Dr. Zack can scientifically recommend and monitor your body’s nutritional needs.

6 Reasons You Will be Happy with Nutri-Spec Nutritional Evaluations

1  . You will be taking all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will make you as                 healthy    as you can be.

2. You will not be taking those nutritional supplements that will make you tired or sick.

3. You will not be wasting your money on nutritional supplements that are not doing you any good.

4. You will know just what foods contribute the most to your health and those that are the most harmful.

5. You will have a doctor who can scientifically monitor you nutrition needs as the change with age or during times of stress.

6. You will have a doctor to whom you can bring your family or refer your friends for scientific nutrition testing.


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