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Cold Laser Therapy

Do you suffer from joint pain, inflammation, post-surgical pain, sports injuries, post-workout muscle soreness, or overall body pains? Then you may benefit from Cold Laser Therapy.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is a form of Low-Level Laser Therapy applied to selected body surfaces. The light emitted from the laser penetrates deep beneath the skin into the targeted areas; the laser light allows for increased blood circulation, accelerated healing, reduced inflammation, and fast pain relief. The entire treatment procedure usually lasts 15 minutes; however, you may require additional treatments depending on your diagnosis.

Why Cold Laser Therapy?

A drug-free alternative to surgery and steroids that works to ease pain and inflammation in the body.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Where applied, body tissue absorbs light and damaged tissue is rejvenated from the inside out.

Conditions Benefited

An ideal treatment for sports injuries, muscle aches, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Is Cold Laser Therapy For Me?

Probably. It’s FDA approved, insurance may cover the cost, and it’s an excellent non-surgical solution.

Who Should Not Receive Cold Laser Therapy?

Who should not receive Cold Laser Therapy?
Cold Laser Therapy is generally safe for all ages; however, certain medical conditions can prevent you from receiving treatment safely. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our office or your medical provider for an evaluation.

Why Choose Kalaheo Chiropratic?

Cold Laser Therapy is a cutting-edge technology that pairs well with our other services.

  • Kalaheo Wellness Center provides a variety of therapies and years of experience in providing gentle, safe, and effective care. Book Your Appointment Today.
  • Your provider will create your individualized treatment plan using a combination of therapies designed to relieve pain and increase your mobility.
  • Kalaheo Spine and Wellness Center is an integrated practice delivering simultaneous holistic healing practices to improve patient outcomes.
  • Enhancement services such as specialized vitamin injections and advanced medical technology, including Sanexas, and Spinal Decompression, are also used to increase the treatment's effectiveness.

If you’re considering Cold Laser Therapy, then contact Kalaheo Chiropractic and Wellness, to book your appointment today!